Agenda | London, November 14

Registration & Welcome Coffee

08:45 - 09:30


Welcome | Steve Hamilton, Vice President UK & IRE, BMC

09:30 - 09:45

Digital services can help organizations not just survive but thrive in competitive markets, while unlocking new opportunities and improving productivity. It’s clear by now that both people and technology are critical to making digital transformation a reality in any organization. This keynote session will chart where we are right now in the transformation of the global Digital economy, what we’ve learned so far, and forecast where we’re headed. Drawing upon real-world insights gained from experience working with our customers on digital transformation initiatives around the globe, you will learn about specific and practical ways you can scale up your capabilities to run at digital speed.

Digital innovation is more than just building an app but a new way of delivering services and experiences, exploiting hyper-connectivity of information and the benefits of modern, elastic infrastructure. In this session, you will learn how BMC’s recent portfolio innovations can help you accelerate high-priority initiatives pivotal to digital business – such as Multi-Cloud, Security and Compliance, DevOps, Big Data, the Digital Workplace, Service Management Excellence, and IT Optimization. By driving faster innovation, operational excellence, and digital business at scale, you can create and deliver more value, more quickly to succeed and win in the digital economy.

Networking Break

11:00 - 11:30


This moderated discussion will host fellow IT professionals who will share best practices, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid, as their organizations navigate the transformation to digital IT.

IT practitioners will receive awards for the most advanced use of BMC’s solutions to drive the transformation to digital IT.

Ben is an extremely compelling futurist speaker. He will share with us the extreme effects of the digital and networked world on business, society, and your life. Through compelling stories, deep analysis, and bleeding-edge examples of the modern world, he strives to help  you, your business, organisation, government, or institution navigate and prosper in the future.

Networking Lunch

13:10 - 14:10

Network with peers and get your passport stamped by our sponsors to be eligible to win a prize

5 Breakout Tracks on the Following Topics: 

  • Digital Service Management
  • Digital Business Automation (Control-M)
  • Performance & Analytics
  • Security, Compliance and Automation
  • Multi-Cloud

Connect with your colleagues and build your network, all while enjoying hors d'oeuvres, music and entertainment. 

Multi-cloud, microservices, data explosion – these new and changing technologies, widely adopted across every business in pursuit of innovation, are creating an unprecedented level of complexity for IT organizations. The speed, scale and complexity brought on by innovation is stressing IT’s traditional approach to performance management, creating blind spots in digital strategies and costing companies far more than budgeted.

Join us for a fast paced, interactive conversation about HOW IT organizations can elevate above the complexity with AIOps. In this session, you’ll learn how the TrueSight AIOps platform, powered by machine learning technology, can identify patterns in digital data that would otherwise be unrecognizable using rules-based event management.

The modern digital service is a complex superhighway of applications and modular infrastructure that come together to create a digital experience. Understanding and managing these ongoing experiences is paramount to delivering good service and creating positive perception. However, traditional end user monitoring focused on a single end user interaction with a single application fails to give IT operations the visibility and understanding of the real modern digital experience.  To reduce MTTR and optimize the digital experience, a new approach to digital experience monitoring is required. 

Join TrueSight team, for a fast paced, interactive conversation about the new opportunity for IT operations to approach digital experience monitoring to understand and optimize the continuous nature of digital interactions.  During this session, you’ll learn how the TrueSight AIOps platform helps IT operations organizations to optimize the holistic digital experience. 

Public cloud is causing new opportunities and challenges for IT infrastructure teams.  Is it best to place workloads and applications in the public cloud?  What is the cost of moving workloads to the cloud?  How do I keep track of the operational expenses that are being incurred – especially when multiple organizations are commissioning IaaS services?  A good capacity management practice can help you answer these questions and more.  Learn now TrueSight Capacity Optimization partnered with Turbonomic can give you the insight and automation needed to address these issues and more.

Networking and Coffee Break

15:40 – 16:10


Your complex application and infrastructure landscape challenges everything we thought we knew about monitoring.  Applications and digital services are the interface between companies and customers and as such, an application centric perspective is necessary. But in a complicated, multi-source technology environment, an application only approach to monitoring won’t cut it.  Visibility, from the from the customer experience to the infrastructure and code, is necessary to guarantee great customer experiences supported by complicated technology ecosystems.

Join us for a fast paced, interactive discussion about monitoring and managing application performance in a digital world.  You’ll learn how TrueSight AppVisibility, monitors and manages on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures, in the context of application performance and customer experience, making it easy to identify, diagnose and prioritize issues while proactively tuning performance in alignment with SLA’s and digital business goals.

The evolution of the TrueSight Operations portfolio has been story of the progressing sophistication of the IT Operations practice. BMC has been here with you from the beginning – from PATROL, to PORTAL, to BMC Event Management, to Service Impact Management to ProactiveNet, TMART and the iterations between. Then TrueSight was born – putting IT Ops in the pilot seat with a cohesive view of the enterprise that’s wide and deep with the ability to bring in data from any vendor.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should migrate now
  • The new features just released in TrueSight Operations 10.7
  • How to get to TrueSight Operations from where you are today
  • Service offerings and continuing education available to make your life easier​

The business demand for new sources of revenue, unique competitive advantage, and operational excellence, not to mention the disruption by “digital native” companies in many industries, has created enormous pressure on companies to compete digitally.   Transforming to a digital enterprise requires a new integrated approach to IT automation we call Digital Business Automation.  This next wave of IT automation will build upon and bridge from existing infrastructure, data and application technology platforms by adapting these core business IT technologies to the new modern, digital-first technologies and processes.   This session introduces how the challenges of achieving digital business transformation with increasingly diverse infrastructure, disparate data and accelerated applications can be addressed by the exciting capabilities of Control-M.

Customer Story

14:40 – 15:10

Hear from one of your peers about their successful experience in implementing Security, Compliance and Automation Solutions from BMC, showcasing best practices and lessons learned.

A mix of on-prem, public, private and hybrid cloud architecture necessitates having the ability to automate workloads across this ever-changing landscape of infrastructure, applications and data. Join this session to see how Control-M abstracts the underlying complexity of multi cloud environments allowing you to automate and schedule multi cloud workflows from a single point of control.

Networking and Coffee Break

15:40 – 16:10


If high availability, automatic deployment and promotion aren’t of interest to you, you’re in the wrong room.  Those are just some of the many reasons to be running Control-M version 9.  This session will review some of the Control-M 9 features and the benefits they can bring to your enterprise.  But the highlights of “9” don’t end there.  If computers were invented on the first day, and computer networks on the second, it is safe to assume file transfers began on the third!  File transfers continue to be the lifeblood of both cross platform and multi-application services.  Control-M Managed File Transfer is a new offering that combines the disciplines of workload automation and file transfer management into a single solution.  In this session we will also discuss how combining these two disciplines gives you a single point of control with instant visibility into the status of file transfers and related application workloads and enables you to provide better service to all your customers.

Control-M has been leading innovation going back to 1991, when it was the first Enterprise class solution to provide a single view across mainframe and distributed platforms.  The automation needs of our customers has changed from batch processing to job scheduling to workload automation, and Control-M has been leading the way at every new wave of innovation.  We’ve recently delivered new solutions to support Big Data - leveraging Hadoop, released Automation API - allowing developers to easily embed Control-M commands during the application build process, and Managed File Transfer -  combining the disciplines of workload automation and file transfer management into a single solution.  In this session, you’ll learn what Control-M has planned for the future, including the soon to be delivered Control-M 9.0.18.  We recognized that the level of effort to install and upgrade Control-M can be high and in some cases may also act as a barrier to taking advantage of new features and functionality. We will share how that is going to change with the release of Control-M 9.0.18!  

In the digital era, success is predicated on delighting customers serving constituents and customers, engaging employees, innovating operations and transforming agency business models. But managing IT at the pace, scale and complexity demanded by digital businesses is not easy. To succeed, organizations must address a new set of challenges as cloud services, security breaches, data volumes, business agility and tools to improve employee productivity dominate the IT agenda.  Join this session to learn where BMC and its customers are headed next. Learn how you can:

  • Harness instant value with our approach to evolve and enrich ITSM by embedding predictive intelligence and automation
  • Leverage service management to target the lines of business and multi-cloud use cases
  • Provide an Omni-channel experience to your employee and agents

Find out what’s in store for your organization in the next step of your digital transformation.

The need to accelerate and innovate pressures the lines of business (LOB) to spend on infrastructure resources with limited understanding of the overall impact to day-to-day operations. In order for infrastructure and operation teams to be service providers to the LOB, they need an understanding of their entire environment, regardless if it’s on premise or in multiple clouds.  As data centers transform to multi-cloud environments, new ways to deliver digital services are being used to scale the business.  However, these private and public cloud environments often have limited or non-standard means of communications and need to co-exist with legacy infrastructure and software.  As a result, companies which do not have good visibility of how digital services are implemented struggle in their digital transformation.  The processes/tools that guarantee reliability, performance, and interoperability lack understanding of hardware and software dependencies that spans traditional IT and multi-cloud environments.

In this presentation, we will establish a baseline understanding of the present and anticipated adoption of various cloud environments and compute models to understand how that aligns with use cases supporting the need for BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud.

Companies are transforming themselves into digital workplaces, deploying the latest technologies to promote employee collaboration and business innovation. However, managing across from multiple cloud and on-premises vendors and systems isn’t easy.  Discover how to create a productive digital workplace by shifting from traditional IT processes to a people-centric approach. You'll learn about

  • Creating an employee experience that seamlessly connects and unifies systems to provide powerful aggregated services through the flexible and consumer-like user interface. 
  • Embedding crowdsourcing and social collaboration into workflows to give employees a voice in choosing the IT solutions they want to use.  People are used to the ease of Facebook, speed of Twitter, and service of, and they want those same experiences at work.
  • How to keep employees engaged by adopting on-demand environments that support employees whenever, wherever, and however they want to work

Networking and Coffee Break

15:40 – 16:10


As digitization drives massive changes in service management, the role of IT needs to evolve to help their organizations become more efficient, more aligned, and more relevant to business outcomes. BMC Innovation Suite provides enterprises a modern foundation of platform and digital services to simplify and streamline multi-source complexities, and intelligent experiences for Omni-channel engagement.  Learn how you can leverage Innovation Suite platform to bootstrap your innovation. You will learn about:

  • Drive faster delivery and agility through co-creation and collaboration across Business & IT
  • Extend, customize and integrate systems, services and applications across multi-cloud environments
  • How you can start your journey to the cloud without having to rip and replace your existing ITSM but rather leverage Innovation Suite to modernize their experience
  • Additionally, learn how you can get access to an ecosystem with access to rich and diverse content that help you accelerate your delivery.

The identification and management of devices are essential to establishing and maintaining a successful service management program. However, Discovery solutions can be confusing as many tools provide information and capabilities to support a range of different needs.  One size may not fit all.  Learn about how Remedyforce Agentless discovery can be the starting point for maturing one’s discovery, asset and client management strategy that can lead to big improvements in service and support levels.  This session will discuss the maturity levels and solutions associated with each stage depending on an organization’s focus and maturity, and explains how Remedyforce on the Salesforce platform can simplify service and asset management with its broad set of capabilities. Remedyforce, provides comprehensive service management together with asset and client management enabling remote control, software delivery, and ticket automation all in one unified solution. BMC Remedyforce empowers IT to effectively and efficiently support their organization by tracking the lifecycle and availability of assets to optimize investments, mitigate risks, and improve service levels.

Transforming business requires innovative applications and services that run on an increasingly automated and secure IT environment.   Companies that embrace digital innovation more effectively than their competitors will be rewarded with higher profitability and increased valuations.  In this session, you will learn how to bridge security practices from legacy on premises systems to the cloud. 

Hear from one of your peers about their successful experience in implementing Security, Compliance and Automation Solutions from BMC, showcasing best practices and lessons learned.

Continuous innovation opens new doors to hackers and could expose vulnerabilities. Security and operations teams must be in sync to eliminate vulnerabilities and reduce the attack surface of their organization.  Learn about the latest innovations in vulnerability prioritization, and how to make security data instantly actionable for operations teams.  The new release of BMC SecOps Response Service can provide the critical linkage between security and operations to drive the relentless remediation of security vulnerabilities for your organization.

Networking and Coffee Break

15:40 – 16:10


As development models and practices evolve, integrating security and compliance into the application pipeline process becomes even more challenging.  Learn how to embed policy checks into your CI/CD process and discover, log, and remediate violations before they creep into your production environment where they can significantly increase your risk of a security or compliance incident.  In this session, we will walk through a real-life example of integrating BMC’s new SecOps Policy Service into a modern software delivery process using Rest APIs, and synchronous policy evaluation to drive automated release gateways.

May,2018 is coming and as of October 2016 97% of organizations in a Dell survey said they had no definitive strategy for GDPR.  A key piece of the legislation challenges IT organizations to prove they are supporting data protection by “design and default” and are using “state of the art” processes and technology.  For many vulnerability and compliance management is a manual effort driven by scripts, spreadsheets, and incomplete hand offs between organizations – all difficult to defend as “state of the art”. In the coming months and years organizations need to build a strategy to continuously improve their abilities to protect against breaches.  In this session, you will learn:

  • How to manage vulnerability remediation across all environments
  • How to build compliance checks into the release process
  • How to streamline and add intelligence to collaboration efforts between Security and Operations

Introduction | Rhys Lewis

14:10 – 14:15

What this track is - Why its important to you

A whiteboard video which introduces todays CIO challenges in managing the services being delivered to customers. An introduction to the complexity of understanding the service story and how we start to think about our pivot to MC in the shared service world

Gain insight on the challenges of adopting multi-cloud capabilities in support of critical infrastructure

A mix of on-prem, public, private and hybrid cloud architecture necessitates having the ability to automate workloads across this ever-changing landscape of infrastructure, applications and data. Join this session to see how Control-M abstracts the underlying complexity of multi cloud environments allowing you to automate and schedule multi cloud workflows from a single point of control

Networking and Coffee Break

15:40 – 16:10


The approach to managing security in the multi cloud world

The path forward

16:40 – 17:10

The BMC answer to the challenges set out in the multi-cloud/DEM/shared service world. Envisage this being a re-cap of the opening whiteboard session with a 15 minute demo video of the BMC DEM capabilities showcasing the value etc..



The BMC answer to the challenges set out in the multi-cloud/DEM/shared service world. Envisage this being a re-cap of the opening whiteboard session with a 15 minute demo video of the BMC DEM capabilities showcasing the value etc..