Call for Papers Topics

BMC Exchange Program 2018 sessions are arranged into topics that span a wide range of IT themes and trends. Share your knowledge and experience by submitting a proposal for consideration.

workload automation

Security, Compliance, and Automation

Most IT executives realize that a cyber-attack could negatively affect their organization at any time. Yet, they are pressured from their CEOs to drive IT performance and innovation to enable business growth. In a recent study by BMC and Forbes Insights, 69% of C-level executives said that digital transformation is forcing changes to security strategies. As organizations adopt new technologies and platforms that facilitate the transformation, they must learn how to properly manage, secure and scale them to control risk. Relying on subject matter experts might work initially, but as usage grows and services are added, the challenge quickly scales beyond human capabilities.  Meanwhile, the data center remains critically important with workloads expected to grow 2.6 times over the next 5 years, according to CISO Global Cloud Index.  Securing the data center resources must be done more efficiently and effectively to control risk and free resources to support transformation initiatives.  This topic focuses on addressing security, compliance, and automation challenges across cloud and traditional environments to help you improve effectiveness, reduce risk and support your organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

Target audience: IT managers, operations managers, server and network administrators, IT architects, cloud architects, VPs of operations, VPs of security, security managers, GRC professionals, and InfoSec professionals

Popular themes: IT automation, security, compliance, regulatory (PCI, HIPAA, DISA), patching and remediation, risk management, governance, vulnerability scanning

Products aligned with topic: BladeLogic Server Automation, BladeLogic Network Automation, BladeLogic Database Automation, SecOps Response Service, SecOps Policy Service, BMC Atrium Orchestrator, Cloud Lifecycle Management.

cloud management

Digital Service Management

The demands of the modern IT organization have accelerated beyond the core functions of infrastructure, applications, and automation. While these aspects are critical to any business, IT must lead the way in delivering innovative ways to engage and enable their consumers—employees, partners, and customers alike. To achieve this, IT must have the tools to allow them to run lean, secure, and fast. The technical and business sessions covering this topic focus on exposing best practices, demonstrating tools, and outlining processes that can empower IT to achieve digital transformation.

Target audience: VPs/directors of IT services, VPs/directors of operations, VPs of shared services, VPs of IT, service desk managers/administrators, application managers, service desk agents, asset managers (hardware/software), IT administrators, field support technicians, software engineers, back-end developers, IT developers, business analysts/process owners, configuration managers, CMDB administrators

Popular themes: Digital service management, service desk/help desk, cloud management, operational efficiencies, service management, security and compliance, vulnerability management, digital marketplace, asset management, application management, IT self-service, ITIL®, HR case management, HR service delivery, HR help desk

Products aligned with topic: Remedy (Service Desk, Asset Management/ITAM, Change, Knowledge, Smart IT), Remedy Platform and AR System, Remedy OnDemand, Remedyforce, MyIT and MyIT Service Broker, HR Case Management, BMC Discovery (Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping/ADDM), Client Management, Atrium CMDB, FootPrints Service Core, BMC Track-It!Digital Service Management (Service Support)

performance management and analytics


Digital Business Automation continues to be the foundational technology powering business services and supporting organizations’ need to accelerate the delivery of new services. This topic highlights some of the major trends in the workload automation market, including the latest Control-M enhancements and how they support business-critical initiatives, such as agile application development and DevOps initiatives, automation in multi-cloud environments, and big data.

Target audience: IT managers, operations managers, production control directors/managers, scheduling managers, job schedulers, operations analysts, IT architects, enterprise architects, Hadoop® enterprise architects, application developers, VPs of applications, VP of Application Development and Delivery, and VPs of operations, manager of IT applications

Popular themes: Workload automation, job scheduling, big data/Hadoop®, DevOps, cloud

Products aligned with topic: Control-M, Control-M for Hadoop, Control-M Automation API, Control-M Managed File Transfer, Control-M Workload Change Manager, Control-M Self Service, Control-M Application Integrator, Control-M Workload Archiving, Control-M Batch Impact Manager

performance management and analytics

Performance and Analytics

As public cloud becomes more pervasive across organizations, Central IT teams must lead cloud adoption and management. As business demands increase, Central IT is challenged by growing application and infrastructure requirements, cloud cost management, and governance between IT and the business, all while supporting continuous innovation and strategic business goals.  We invite you to share how you are utilizing TrueSight solutions to overcome challenges and manage today's increasing application and infrastructure demands. 

Target audience: IT infrastructure and operations professionals, cloud managers, IT directors, VPs/directors of IT operations, and IT administrators

Popular themes: Multi-cloudDevOps, cloud management, application performance management, capacity management, managing public cloud costs, log analytics, service resolution, end-user monitoring, digital experience management, application centric management,

Products aligned with topic: TrueSight Intelligence, TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Infrastructure Management, TrueSight App Visibility Manager, TrueSight Capacity Optimization, TrueSight Infrastructure Management,  TrueSight Pulse,  TrueSight Middleware Management