07:30am - 08:30am
08:30am - 11:40am
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Cloud-Smart Operations for Digital Transformation

When considering your cloud strategy, rigorous evaluation of your infrastructure is just one step in the process. A 360-degree view of workloads, understanding of security and governance models, prioritization of elasticity and cloud-native apps, and maximizing opportunities for automation are other major considerations. In this track, learn how to be cloud-smart instead of just cloud-first, and ensure your move to the cloud is secure, efficient, and successful.
12:40pm - 03:40pm

Cognitive Service Management for the Digital-First World

In the era of digital transformation, customers want everything as a service, and IT is tasked with ensuring scalability, security, speed, and omni-channel capabilities for service management, even in complex environments. In this track, explore the intelligent, micro-services based innovations enabling the choice of cloud, containers, and cognitive capabilities that define the future of service management.
12:40pm - 03:40pm

Automation for Next-Wave Application Deployment

Today’s competitive business landscape demands faster release and deployment cycles fueled by agile development methods and digital business automation. Improved collaboration between business stakeholders and application development and operations teams is one clear benefit—enabling ongoing innovation is another. In this track, we’ll explore how companies unaccustomed to nimbler processes can adopt them easily, with lasting benefits and limited frustrations.
12:40pm - 03:40pm

The Modern, Self-Managing Mainframe

The mainframe continues to be the powerhouse of digital business, but as its long-time practitioners pass the torch and security threats continue to escalate, the need for management automation becomes even more urgent. In this track, we will share how to meet the demands of digital business and accelerate the performance of your modern mainframe with predictive analytics, machine learning, and automation—ensuring your mainframe is secure and future-proof.
12:40pm - 03:40pm